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In-Time modifications of a Cycle.

When time's accumulated, circles get tightened.

Divento frammento sempre più piccolo rispetto a tutto ciò che mi circonda e contemporaneamente massa di micro-cellule sempre più integra verso l’interno, mi elimino.

I become smaller and smaller, a fragment amongst everything that surrounds me, while in the meantime a mass of micro-cells within, I eliminate myself.

Embroidering Time.  A time-scan operation, a time-lapse. 
Common time is perceived as external to the individual one.  Time-Counters are circular embroideries which evidence time passing.  Textile is used as a piece of paper while the thread is used as if it were a pen tracing small lines one side another.  Before starting embroidering I define a space limit to my action by marking the circumference of the wooden hoop with a pencil. (12,9cm)
Thread and needle move as a cell, repeating and re-producing itself continuously. The more the minutes counted the thickest the pattern becomes.  The design in fact is not established in advance but it is indeed designed by itself during the action when the warp and weft are tightened, influencing on the initial form of the circle, of which perimeter gets distort.  The structure modifies and evolves independently, producing the ‘Inner Maps’.
The micro-action reserves the body to a linear movement, almost archaic. 
The minutes and time intervals in which the action develops are marked with a pencil on the side of the textile. The mutation happens on different levels; from mental to physical and into the most subtle perception, the tactile. 

The traces left on the ‘handmade metronome’ are passages of the ‘Filling up for Removing’ mechanism.