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Dal non-luogo alle stanze dell'intimo.

Heimat. From Non-Spaces into the rooms of intimacy. 
A non-linear archive diary/photographic calendar, January 2014-July 2015
Dimensions:14,8 x 21 cm
Language: Italian
Pages: 97

Definition of the word
Heimat> Heimat is a German term that does not have a specific translation neither in English nor in any new Latin language.
A possible translation of it though, could be found in the words of 'small homeland' or 'native birthplace', indicating in this way the place where one was born and spent childhood.  The territory that feels like 'home', the one that Greeks define as 'πατρίς'.
Free translation from the Italian Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Heimat is an archive diary that follows a non-linear chronological line. The collection of texts reflecting on human fragmentation is related to the limits opposed by society.
Moving away from non-spaces to approach the rooms of intimacy and describe the possibilities of returning and restoring an inner order. The different parts of the 'one' dialogue to point out hypothetical synergies between them and therefore define the ‘Secure Zone’, also called as a transgression zone, in which they are permitted to act.
The text is printed on tracing paper for having a visual correspondence to the state of ‘overlapped’ contradictory ideas of the writer and for putting the reader in the same condition during the reading.
1) Passengers
2) 1+1=1. The Rhythm of a habitual becoming.
3) The fissure
4) The limit
5) The attraction of the impossible
6) In/Sloping
7) Levels of Silence: Silence B.dimensional
8) At home. Place and Objects
9) Heimat